# Looking Ahead

The Research Vision provides the motivation for forming the LCRI and outlines preliminary research plans to support the development and deployment of AECs across the economy. LCRI research activities will be guided by input from LCRI sponsors and other global stakeholders. These activities will focus on technologies that can be developed and deployed beyond 2030 to support the achievement of a NZE economy by 2050.

The LCRI research portfolio will be updated and revised over time to incorporate research results, stakeholder feedback, and results from other global activities. The first round of research prioritization occurred in Q3 2021 and annual revisions will be made as research activities progress. The LCRI has already launched research projects consistent with the overall initiative objectives, and details on current activities can be found on the initiative webpage (www.lowcarbonLCRI.com (opens new window)).

We invite feedback and comments on the LCRI Research Vision—please send feedback by email to lcri@epri.com.

Last updated: June 21, 2022