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# Research Vision

An outline for research, development, and demonstration activities to enable economy-wide decarbonization by midcentury


This Research Vision presents the motivation for the LCRI, research questions that address the initiative's focus areas, and preliminary research plans aimed at advancing critical technologies in support of the LCRI's objectives.


The LCRI is organized by Technical Subcommittees that focus on the value chain of alternative energy carriers applied across the economy. This document outlines the potential roles of alternative energy carriers in supporting a low-carbon future and provides details on the preliminary research plans to be executed through the Technical Subcommittees.


We welcome feedback on the research plans outlined in this document. Please email comments to More information on the initiative can be found at

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and GTI Energy are together addressing the need to accelerate development and demonstration of low- and zero-carbon energy technologies required for deep decarbonization. The details (technologies, activities, and prioritization, among others) provided in this document are subject to change over the course of the initiative as new findings, perspectives, and knowledge are incorporated into the overall research vision.